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So I wake up this morning (far too early) and decide to you know Google my name. Tondryk-Wilde is a unique surname and add to that the word Photography and well everything pertaining to that name comes up! I was ecstatic to see an image of a magazine spread with images we shot from a Wedding we did last year.

Wow we are featured in Vow magazine!

Now something must of gotten lost in the ether as we did not get the memo on this one, don't get me wrong we knew it was a possibility last year but all had been quiet on the Western Front. 

So below is the spread featuring our lovely couple Mr & Mrs Haley. So a BIG thank you to Vow Magazine for using our images in their "Real life Wedding" section.

I'd actually forgotten the goldfish drama!

Issue no.17

Lets get to the bar!

Photography can take you many place, and your skills can adapt to many things. While living in France Drew took on commissioned work to shoot interiors of Chalets for marketing and website purposes. So it was really ace when he was approached to shoot the new interiors of the fully re furbished and more importantly re imagined Portreath Arms Hotel.

Nicole and Claire have done an amazing job over the last three years changing aspects section by section, to turn this local pub into an amazing destination for the Portreath community. They have effortlessly styled the place to cater for restaurant style dining, B&B and of course most importantly relaxed local pub vibe! The later of which was the last piece of the puzzle, the now completed venue is a joy to hang out in! Stylish and open in places yet they've managed to maintain snug corners for one to hide in with a pint and a book, and praise the Lord that old carpet is long gone! They have raised the bar in this old Harbour Village and hopefully others will follow their lead!

Coming soon images of the pub garden in full bloom... they really have it all here now so get yourself down there to check it out!

DVD Slideshow

We have always loved making these slideshow presentations for our clients, it has always been available with our our full day package.

 We have in the past done a mash up of lots of weddings it this format, but it doesn't encapsulate the whole day experience, which is what these "little movies"  do. We are so lucky to be able to share this personal slideshow of the very lovely Mr & Mrs Haley with you.

The slideshow is the perfect way to share your day with friends and family without getting a huge album out. This slideshow keeps them enthralled and gives them a taster of your very special day and helps those who where there to enjoy it again and again! 

Mr & Mrs Haley

On the 1st of September Scott and Suzanne became husband and wife, and celebrated at  Penmorvah Manor Hotel. We had the pleasure of covering that magical day for them!

Here's a sneak peak of the day, while I continue to edit...

Honing our skills while having fun!

So the way I figure it, the whole point of a blog is to share great pictures from fun moments. Nothing to do with clients just two photographers taking the camera and finding the joy in photography everywhere we go!

The other evening after a full day of sunshine (and being stuck indoors working) we had planned a fun BBQ on the beach with our red setter Rusty and his pal Obi (yes star wars). As you can see the blue sky was a changing, and those storm clouds were a brewing! Did that stop us? Heck no! We went and had a great time, the pooches ran for hours and we enjoyed an evening together paddling in the surprisingly warm ocean and keeping the BBQ safe from the encroaching tide! 

Always remember to take all your rubbish back with you... Where there's a will there is a way!



Settling in...

Hello lovely people, sorry we have been away for a while but we have been moving house and sorting life, which takes up far too much time! I just wanted to post a few pictures of our new surroundings and of corse keep my trigger finger happy! Hopefully we won't be away for so long again (helps that the computer is now full unpacked)! Enjoy...


Our Promo Box

We are so excited to be sending out our first promo box to wedding venues! It's a perfect way for their clients to look, feel and have a true idea of what they will get if they choose an Ocean Grown package

In our promo box, you will find business cards and postcards to take away, a mini portfolio book and the usb (empty of course).

Trevenna will be the first recipient of this cool promo box! If you are a local venue and wish to know more please get in touch with us, we look forward to making your acquaintance.

Porthleven Food Festival 2017

New website means new blog, whilst we decided not to cut and paste all of our old posts this resulted in us having no content! However this is about to change.

We had the pleasure of photographing part of the Porthleven Food Festival this morning, now in its ninth year it kicked off today with patron Antony Worrall Thompson in the Chef's Theatre with Jude Kereama from local restaurant Kota Kai doing a live Ready Steady Cook Off, after that it was time to explore and drool over what all the amazing foodie stalls had to offer!